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The City of Guyton is a great place to work!  We offer full benefits, regular hours, and a respectful working environment.


The City of Guyton, Georgia is seeking a seasoned and visionary leader for their new Director of Public Safety to oversee the operation of the Police and Fire departments, serving as the Chief and Public Safety Director as well as the Code Enforcement Officer.   

Duties involve but are not limited to supervising departmental activities, formulating and enforcing departmental rules of conduct, developing policies, coordinating activities with outside agencies, preparing and justifying operational budgets, making recommendations for hiring, promotions, commendations and discipline, setting individual and department goals and objectives and representing the City of Guyton and the department to the general public, governmental agencies, news media, etc. 

Minimum Education:   High School Diploma.

                                   Post Certified and experience to enter chief's school.

                                   Education and experience to obtain fire certification.

Minimum Experience: 5 years’ experience in public safety 

Salary:  45,000 Annually Initial

Qualified candidates should apply by Friday, June 8, 2018 with cover letter, resume and a list of five (5) professional references along with a completed City of Guyton Employment Application available on our website.  To be considered for the position, submit your documentation to:

City of Guyton

Attn:  Thomas Wirth, City Manager

PO Box 99

Guyton GA 31312



The City of Guyton, Georgia is seeking an energetic individual to join our Public Works team as laborer for water and sewer, and streets and lanes.  The Laborer will perform general and specific duties related to the City of Guyton’s water and sewer system, and streets and lanes. Accuracy and the ability to prioritize and multitask is crucial.  A high school diploma or GED is required. The successful candidate must be someone who is willing to work and willing to learn. This position holds a potential for growth and a career opportunity for the right person.  Those qualified should apply by Friday, April 27, 2018 with a completed City of Guyton Employment aplication, which is available on our website or at city Hall.  To be concsidered for the position, submit your documetation to:

                                                                                       City of Guyton

                                                             Attn: Alison Bruton, City Clerk

                                                                         PO Box 99

                                                                         Guyton, GA 31312



City of Guyton Employment Application